bauMax Saves Energy

Save energy and save money – the large-scale bauMax initiative

For years now, bauMax has dedicated itself to saving energy and has collaborated closely in this endeavor with the Energy Globe Award. The focus is on informing and motivating customers. By providing our customers with extensive information material, such as a 100-page guidebook on how to save energy and a dedicated Internet portal with the Energy Globe Award, bauMax gives its customers a comprehensive overview of all the ways in which we can save energy. Trained energy conservation consultants are available in all 67 of our Austrian home improvement outlets to advise customers in every aspect of energy saving. Furthermore, we have adapted our entire product range and supplemented it with new product groups in the four home improvement sectors Building, Home, Tools and Garden. 

But it isn’t enough just to get our customers interested in saving energy – bauMax wants to take action at the corporate level. bauMax is itself taking responsibility for the environment by conducting various energy conservation projects such as using a geothermal pump in Dornbirn und Wels, installing electronic ballast in lighting facilities and improving building envelopes, thereby making a substantial contribution to environmental protection.

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