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Prize Winner 2009

2009 Award Project “Dignified Aging for Disabled People“

Twenty-two years ago Ms. Tiborné Szekeres began the foundation “For Equal Opportunity!“ She has a severely disabled son and wanted to use her initiative to provide him with better living conditions. Since then, the foundation has created many lodgings and workplaces for the disabled where people with disabilities are cared for in many different ways. In accordance with the integration principle, the care and advancement services offered are individually tailored to the special needs of those with severe and multiple disabilities.


Ms. Szekeres’ organization has distinguished itself by trying out new concepts and approaches in caregiving and subsequently implementing them professionally.  


With the prize money from the Essl Social Prize 2009, "Tibor háza" was built. A four-storey home, where all the special needs of its residents can be catered for.

These are in particular teenagers, families and older people with disabilities. Up to 30 residents and their carers can live here. A home has been created in which they can receive the life-long care they deserve.

The house was built near to the existing facility in Csömör/Budapest, and was recently opend.

The EU has chosen "Tibor háza" as an international training school for social workers.


Construction site "Tibor háza" - September 2009

After the ground breaking ceremony on July 8th, 2009, the construction of "Tibor háza" makes good progress. The shell construction was finished by the middle of October.

After the finalization in 2010 the residential home which includes a hospice will be a new home for about 24 persons.


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