Prize Winners

2009 Award Project “Dignified Aging for Disabled People“

Twenty-two years ago Ms. Tiborné Szekeres began the foundation “For Equal Opportunity!“ She has a severely disabled son and wanted to use her initiative to provide him with better living conditions. Since then, the foundation has created many lodgings and workplaces for the disabled where people with disabilities are cared for in many different ways. In accordance with the integration principle, the care and advancement services offered are individually tailored to the special needs of those with severe and multiple disabilities.


Ms. Szekeres’ organization has distinguished itself by trying out new concepts and approaches in caregiving and subsequently implementing them professionally.


The award money for the Essl Social Prize will go towards building a residential home which includes a hospice for elderly people with mental and/or physical disabilities. The goal is to create a home where these people can live out their lives in dignity in a caring environment that takes into account their special needs.


The residence will be built in close proximity to the existing facility in Csömör.


The Prize-Winning Project of 2008: "CASA ABRAHAM"

As long as 16 years ago, Father Georg Sporschill founded the social project "Concordia - City of Children" for street children in Romania. Now the time has come to offer the adolescents vocational education and a new perspective in life.


With the prize money from the Social Essl Prize, a residential and training centre for 24 young people will be built under the name "CASA ABRAHAM" .


"Abraham believed in God and the future. He followed his calling. We wish for the same kind of courage for our children and we offer them opportunities for vocational training, "says Father Georg Sporschill.


The educational centre will be in close proximity to the existing Concordia buildings and in addition to residential units, it will also include a chapel, a model kindergarden and rooms for job training.


In therapist-supported groups, the young people are prepared for the working life so that they will then be able to start training as apprentices or working in companies.


The kindergarden is not only child-care facility for infants and toddlers, it is also a training facility for young girls who want to become kindergarden teachers as, after all, professional educators are highly sought after in Romania.

Following sponsors support the project:

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