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Nomination process of the Essl Social Prize

The  Essl  Social  Prize  Nomination  Committee  is  instructed  to  nominate  out- standing and efficient social projects by social entrepreneurs.

To  be  nominated  social  projects  by  social  entrepreneurs  have  to  fulfil  the following stringent criteria:


  • high quality standard for social projects
  • a focus on relief in need
  • assurance that the greater part of the funds will be used for the social
    project itself (with spending on administration being kept as low as 

The nominations will be  submitted  to  the  Essl Social Prize Selection Committee.

The final decision regarding the projects to be nominated lies  with  the  executive board  of  the  “Martin and Gerda Essl Social Prize Charitable Private Foundation”, who will comply with the proposals of the Essl Social Prize Nomination Committee.

To  avoid  any  kind   of   intervention,   information   about   nominees,   persons nominating  and  the  entire  process  will be treated as confidental for a period of 50 years.

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