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Social Prize Nomination process

The winner (Laureate) of the Essl Social Prize is chosen in a multi-level-process, split into the nomination procedure and the selection procedure.

Proposals: Potential Laureates can only be proposed by members of the nomination committee, there is no possibility for a "self-nomination".

Criteria: Potential Laureates and their projects have to match certain criteria. The potential Laureate has to be an outstanding social entrepreneur, who has started an organisation that was able to create social change in the past. But the Essl Social Prize is not awarded for "life time achievements", but to start a new and innovative project. This new project has to be connected to the current work of the social entrepreneur, as a further development. It has to be innovative and aim at a high social impact, to create a permanent change for the better for disadvantaged persons. The project should be carried out as a role model, it should be scalable and have the potential to improve the lives of a large number of people. It has to help disadvantaged persons in a direct and accountable way, according to the Austrian rules for common benefit (Gemeinnützigkeit). The Prize is awarded worldwide, there are no regional restrictions.

Nomination: All potential projects that have been suggested will be analyzed and discussed be the nomination committee, It will finally make a decision if the project is officially nominated for the Essl Social Prize.

Selection: Among all officially nominated projects the selection committee will make an annual decision about the winner of the Essl Social Prize. The announcement is scheduled for the beginning of each year.

Confidentiality: No details about the nominated projects, nor about the nomination process or the selection process will be published.

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