Regulations fo the Martin and Gerda Essl Foundation

The Articles of Incorporation of the charitable private foundation created by Martin and Gerda Essl state that from the year 2008 onwards, an amount of 1 million euro will be distributed by the founders of the international Essl Social Prize.


Two committees, one for nomination and one for the selection of the prize-winner, support the founders and the spokesperson of the family advisory board in choosing the social projects. The funds made available are earmarked for (exclusive) use by the projects and should be spent in an effective way.


The members of the Essl family have been businesspeople for many generations. They are deeply rooted in the Christian faith, which to them is more than continued tradition, but a belief they fill with life every day.


Openness, honesty and above all, respect for Creation in all its diversity, for humanity as well as the animate and innanimate world, guides their every thought and action.

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