Tasks and commitments of the prize winners

Criteria for and obligations of the prize-winners:

The  winners  of  the  Essl Sozial Prize  are  social  entrepreneurs  who  must have translated into reality a social project which is:

  • exceptional by international standards,
  • groundbreaking,
  • sustainable and
  • successful.

The prize-winners have to undertake that all the funds granted under the prize (by  the  foundation  and  from  third-party  donations,  if  any)  will  be  used:

  • properly,
  • economically,
  • or targeted relief in need
  • and subject to a report on the use of funds.

For  the  next  few  years  the  prize-winners  agree, at  no  charge,  to  act  as co-judges in the process of selecting future winners of  the  Essl Social Prize,  seeking  to  help  in  identifying  on  an  annual  basis  special  social  projects which comply with the sponsoring criteria.   



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