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Essl Social Prize

The Essl Social Prize was launched in 2007 by Martin and Gerda Essl with the first prize being awarded on 14 March 2008.

The aim of the Essl Social Prize is twofold: Firstly, to honour the winners whose social innovations have had an outstanding impact in the social sphere, and secondly, that the prize money can be used to develop and expand the project.

In this way, the Prize supports pioneering projects that are particularly worthy of promotion and that can be replicated, acting as role models for social entrepreneurship.

  • Winner 2013/2014 - Thorkil Sonne / Specialisterne (More...)
  • Winner 2012 - Wolfgang Pucher / Housing First Salzburg (More...)
  • Winner 2011 - Almaz und Karlheinz Böhm / Menschen für Menschen (More...)
  • Winner 2010 - Bill Drayton / Ashoka-Globalizer (More...)
  • Winner 2009 - Elisabeth Szekeres / Tibor háza (More...)
  • Winner 2008 - Georg Sporschill / Casa Abraham (More...)
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